Treadmill Exercises for Athletic Physique

Having an athletic physique is something you have always cherished in your life. Fat free and agile body is also the key to healthy and long life. Optimum body weight, girth of chest, calves, back, neck and waist ensure maximum fitness and agility. if you are fond of playing foot ball or hockey you will be able to shape your body to perfect size within few weeks. Treadmill is another great device which helps you in getting into shape easily. It also gives added strength to muscles and bones in the long run.


Simple Treadmill Exercises

Simple Walk and Jog: – Initially you could start with walking on the treadmill without making any variations to the settings. start walking for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning. You could slowly start increasing your pace to brisk walk and and then jogging. Keep practicing this routine for about 2 to three weeks until your body gets conditioned to working on the device.

Speed Interval Training: -varying the settings of the treadmill can give you extra resistance. You need to know how to adjust the tension of the walking  belt.  Try and lift the belt with your hand at the center of treadmill. you should be able to lift it to a height of around 3″ only. This is said to be the most optimum level of tension. You could adjust the level of inclination from 1 to 7. Split your exercising time within the 20 minutes interval. Start at a speed  of 3 miles per hour and go up to 4.5 miles per hour. make sure that your running at maximum inclination doesn’t go above 30 seconds.

Tougher Treadmill Workout: –  For this you need to set the inclination to 8%.At this inclination you need to run with maximum possible speed for about 30 seconds. Then lower the inclination to 6% and run for another 30 seconds. Then decrease the inclination to 4% and walk for the next 9 seconds. repeat this routine for about 10 to 15 minutes. This exercise could be tough and it may take time to get conditioned to it. But once you are through with the initial training period your body will start responding positively to the exercises.

progressive Workout:- You need to gradually increase the time you spend on the treadmill in weeks. Fitness experts recommend talking a break on any of the weekdays from the treadmill as your body needs sufficient resting period. It is during this period that the real effects of the exercises start shaping your  body

Diet Plan :- Avoid exercising with stomach. Eat your breakfast one hour before workout. Whole grain bread with fruit juice should be able to support  your body well while exercising. Two hours after the workout you need a meal. Add plenty of veggies and fruits with salmon or tuna. Your supper can consist of fat free turkey  or chicken. Eating red meat twice a week helps in strengthening your leg and calf muscles. Drink plenty of water and electrolyte based re hydration  fluids. They help in keeping your veins and blood vessels free from toxic elements. Digestive power also gets enhanced.