Yoga for Natural Healing of Stress

Stress is associated with physical, emotional and mental aspects which can gradually affect your health and well being in the long run. It can also become an addictive behavior in some people as it gives them “high” feeling. It is purely due to the effect on the central nervous system. Once an individual gets addicted to stress he may not want to come out of it so easily. In the long run he starts losing the motivation to work as his physical and mental strength takes a beating.

Positive Change for Better

Yoga is a scientifically proved method of exercise which can help changing your physical and emotional conditions for better. It helps you in overcoming negation of life and relaxes your body to the core. One of the postures which you will find simple and relaxing is the “child posture”.

Child Posture: – It takes out the stress from your back, shoulders and neck. You need to sit on the yoga mat in a kneeling posture. join your knees together and rest on your feet. bend your torso forward slowly and stretch your hands forward until your nose touches the mat and your hands rest on the floor. keep inhaling and exhaling with deep breathing. Keep this posture for about 15 to 20 seconds.


Meditation : – Speaking in simple terms meditation is an art of “doing nothing”. Perhaps this is the toughest task you might have ever faced since your mind is always preoccupied with doing something or the other. Once you get used to this exercise  your mind calms down and you will be able to take better decisions in your life. Sit in lotus posture with your hands resting on your thighs. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. You may feel a flood of thoughts passing through your mind. If you happen to be over stressed  you may feel the urge to get up. Juts hold on for couple of minutes. observe your thoughts as they come and go without running behind any of them. In about 2 minutes your mind starts relaxing. Initially you may stay in this posture for about 3 to 4 minutes. Gradually increase the time to about 10 minutes. You can feel the positive energy flowing  in your body and mind very soon.

V Posture: – Sit on the yoga mat with your legs stretched forward. Extend your hands to hold your legs just below your knees and stretch your feet. Balance your body on your sitting bone and bend your body into V shape. Try oscillating your body for 10 to 15 seconds like a pendulum. It removes the stress from your lower back, legs and feet. It is also helpful in trimming your belly.

Corpse posture: – Lie down on the Yoga mat on your back stretch your legs and hands and lie still. This posture is good for relaxing your entire body. You need to do nothing other than breathing deeply. It could take sometime for your mind and body to get conditioned to this posture similar to meditation. once you are through with the initial hiccups your learns to relax.

if you are planning to start yoga at home, you can try following Youtube videos, there is very famous Youtube channel called yoga with Adriene. And there are few other yoga fitness programs, most famous one is Yoga burn