Fitness Workout Plan for Better Health

Physical fitness is the foundation on which you can build a healthy life. For this you need to follow certain simple exercises routine which keeps your body fit, slim, strong and flexible. You prevent accumulation of fat, burn calories and keep your metabolic system highly active. Exercises are also considered to be the best preventive measures to keep you protected from infections and diseases.

Time Allocation for Exercises

You need to allocate specific time for your exercises, preferably during early morning hours. This is when you will be in fresh mood to workout. Start with one liter of  fresh water after brushing your teeth. relax for 10 minutes and consume one full glass of fruit juice. Then you may for a 20 minutes brisk walk. It stimulates your muscles and nerves to optimum extent. Once you are back you can start off with gym exercises. Fitness experts recommend minimum of 30 minutes exercises for boosting muscle and bone strength.

Recommended Morning Exercises


Press Up: – If you are a beginner start with simple exercises.  Press up is a simple routine for building shoulder and chest muscles. Take an exercise mat and lie down on it with your face down. your hands need to be placed slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. Now use your shoulders to push your body up. make sure that your body from head to toe is straight. After pushing up stay in that position for 10 to 15 seconds. Then lower your chest until it touches the mat. You could repeat this exercise for about 2 minutes.

Triceps Workout: -Bench dip is another exercise that gives maximum strength to your shoulders and chest. For this you need a flat bench and a footstool. Sit on the bench with your back straight and place your feet on the footstool. Hold the bench edge by extending your hands and raise your body up without moving your feet. start bending your waist until it is perpendicularly angled with your torso. Now lower your body slowly with your forearms pointing down. Once your legs reach horizontal position. Stop for 10 seconds and push up again. You can repeat this routine for 2 minutes,

 Lower back Workout: – You can use a barbell with lightweight plates to train your lower back for strength. keep the barbell on your shoulders and hold it with both your hands while standing vertically straight. bend your upper body forward until it is horizontal to the ground. Keep your head raised and straight. Hold for 10 seconds and raise slowly back to vertical position.

Consistency is the Key

By the time you complete these exercises your body will be flexible and active. You need to gradually increase your exercises routines as you move towards tougher ones. Consult your gym trainer and plan your schedule. Once you start exercising you need to be consistently on it. Taking a break or stopping abruptly could make negative impact on your body. Keep your body relaxed so that it gets conditioned to the exercise schedule slowly but surely. Within a few weeks you will be able to experience positive improvements in your health and fitness.