Yoga for Natural Healing of Stress

Stress is associated with physical, emotional and mental aspects which can gradually affect your health and well being in the long run. It can also become an addictive behavior in some people as it gives them “high” feeling. It is purely due to the effect on the central nervous system. Once an individual gets addicted to stress he may not want to come out of it so easily. In the long run he starts losing the motivation to work as his physical and mental strength takes a beating.

Positive Change for Better

Yoga is a scientifically proved method of exercise which can help changing your physical and emotional conditions for better. It helps you in overcoming negation of life and relaxes your body to the core. One of the postures which you will find simple and relaxing is the “child posture”.

Child Posture: – It takes out the stress from your back, shoulders and neck. You need to sit on the yoga mat in a kneeling posture. join your knees together and rest on your feet. bend your torso forward slowly and stretch your hands forward until your nose touches the mat and your hands rest on the floor. keep inhaling and exhaling with deep breathing. Keep this posture for about 15 to 20 seconds.


Meditation : – Speaking in simple terms meditation is an art of “doing nothing”. Perhaps this is the toughest task you might have ever faced since your mind is always preoccupied with doing something or the other. Once you get used to this exercise  your mind calms down and you will be able to take better decisions in your life. Sit in lotus posture with your hands resting on your thighs. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. You may feel a flood of thoughts passing through your mind. If you happen to be over stressed  you may feel the urge to get up. Juts hold on for couple of minutes. observe your thoughts as they come and go without running behind any of them. In about 2 minutes your mind starts relaxing. Initially you may stay in this posture for about 3 to 4 minutes. Gradually increase the time to about 10 minutes. You can feel the positive energy flowing  in your body and mind very soon.

V Posture: – Sit on the yoga mat with your legs stretched forward. Extend your hands to hold your legs just below your knees and stretch your feet. Balance your body on your sitting bone and bend your body into V shape. Try oscillating your body for 10 to 15 seconds like a pendulum. It removes the stress from your lower back, legs and feet. It is also helpful in trimming your belly.

Corpse posture: – Lie down on the Yoga mat on your back stretch your legs and hands and lie still. This posture is good for relaxing your entire body. You need to do nothing other than breathing deeply. It could take sometime for your mind and body to get conditioned to this posture similar to meditation. once you are through with the initial hiccups your learns to relax.

if you are planning to start yoga at home, you can try following Youtube videos, there is very famous Youtube channel called yoga with Adriene. And there are few other yoga fitness programs, most famous one is Yoga burn

Tips for personal injury cases written

According to personal injury law (tort law), personal injury cases arise when a person who has been injured by an action performed, product supplied, or accident caused by another person takes the dispute to a civil court. Such disputes can be solved through informal settlement methods but at other times, or when informal settlement does not work, the injured person may decide to file a lawsuit against the purportedly responsible party. The claimant seeks legal remedy (damages) for all the losses that have resulted from the incident or accident. Having an experienced personal injury doctor can truly make a difference in your claim.

Mishaps are not uncommon in the settling of disputes. It is, therefore, crucial to know how to go about the steps of protecting your rights or those of a loved one involved in a personal injury case. Below are useful tips for personal injury cases that can make the difference between getting the best settlement and losing the case:

1. Medical records

In the event of serious personal injury, you should get medical attention immediately. Many individuals make a big mistake of handling the situation before the injury is addressed by a medical professional. Having a medical professional examine the injury enables recording of evidence that is later used in the case. Failure to do so may reduce the damages that can be recovered. Also, seeking medical attention allows the injured party to reduce immediate losses.

2. Collect and preserve evidence

As the claimant, you bear the burden of proof in the case. To prove your claim at trial, you must present sufficient evidence. For example, take photos and videos of the scene where the incident happened and the visible injuries as soon as possible. If it’s an auto accident, call the police, record the location and request a copy of video surveillance from the relevant authorities. Remember that the defendant is also building a defense against your claim. Only clear and convincing evidence can help you win the case.

3. Know the value of your claim

Since you have to indicate the value of your damages in the settlement demand letter, you have to be careful not to limit yourself to a lower amount than your claim would have fetched. You should do a quick research to know how much your claim is worth. Having a figure in mind helps you in the back and forth discussion about your settlement with an adjuster. Also, you are able to make an informed decision when the adjuster offers you a take-it-or-leave-it option. However, you can adjust this figure upwards or downwards based on new facts.

4. Deal with insurance companies cautiously

Often, the injured person has to work with an insurance company in completing the personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters will deny liability or begin negotiations with a very low settlement amount to find out whether you know the amount your claim is worth. Don’t be impatient to take any amount. Emphasize on the strongest points favoring you and bargain to push the settlement amount further up. Insurance companies also ask for a recorded statement. DO NOT give a recorded statement to either the defendant or the insurance company without consulting an attorney.

5. Know the statute of limitations

Every personal injury claim has a deadline for filing a lawsuit. If you don’t meet the deadline, the law can deter you from ever filing the claim. Therefore, know the statute of limitations applicable in your state to ensure that you file your case within the allowed time window.

Other tips for personal injury cases include avoiding making social media posts and lying about your claim. To avoid making mistakes that can cost you a significant amount or the whole amount of your damages, consult an experienced personal injury attorney while filing your lawsuit and make sure you find a competent personal injury doctor.

Fitness Workout Plan for Better Health

Physical fitness is the foundation on which you can build a healthy life. For this you need to follow certain simple exercises routine which keeps your body fit, slim, strong and flexible. You prevent accumulation of fat, burn calories and keep your metabolic system highly active. Exercises are also considered to be the best preventive measures to keep you protected from infections and diseases.

Time Allocation for Exercises

You need to allocate specific time for your exercises, preferably during early morning hours. This is when you will be in fresh mood to workout. Start with one liter of  fresh water after brushing your teeth. relax for 10 minutes and consume one full glass of fruit juice. Then you may for a 20 minutes brisk walk. It stimulates your muscles and nerves to optimum extent. Once you are back you can start off with gym exercises. Fitness experts recommend minimum of 30 minutes exercises for boosting muscle and bone strength.

Recommended Morning Exercises


Press Up: – If you are a beginner start with simple exercises.  Press up is a simple routine for building shoulder and chest muscles. Take an exercise mat and lie down on it with your face down. your hands need to be placed slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. Now use your shoulders to push your body up. make sure that your body from head to toe is straight. After pushing up stay in that position for 10 to 15 seconds. Then lower your chest until it touches the mat. You could repeat this exercise for about 2 minutes.

Triceps Workout: -Bench dip is another exercise that gives maximum strength to your shoulders and chest. For this you need a flat bench and a footstool. Sit on the bench with your back straight and place your feet on the footstool. Hold the bench edge by extending your hands and raise your body up without moving your feet. start bending your waist until it is perpendicularly angled with your torso. Now lower your body slowly with your forearms pointing down. Once your legs reach horizontal position. Stop for 10 seconds and push up again. You can repeat this routine for 2 minutes,

 Lower back Workout: – You can use a barbell with lightweight plates to train your lower back for strength. keep the barbell on your shoulders and hold it with both your hands while standing vertically straight. bend your upper body forward until it is horizontal to the ground. Keep your head raised and straight. Hold for 10 seconds and raise slowly back to vertical position.

Consistency is the Key

By the time you complete these exercises your body will be flexible and active. You need to gradually increase your exercises routines as you move towards tougher ones. Consult your gym trainer and plan your schedule. Once you start exercising you need to be consistently on it. Taking a break or stopping abruptly could make negative impact on your body. Keep your body relaxed so that it gets conditioned to the exercise schedule slowly but surely. Within a few weeks you will be able to experience positive improvements in your health and fitness.

Treadmill Exercises for Athletic Physique

Having an athletic physique is something you have always cherished in your life. Fat free and agile body is also the key to healthy and long life. Optimum body weight, girth of chest, calves, back, neck and waist ensure maximum fitness and agility. if you are fond of playing foot ball or hockey you will be able to shape your body to perfect size within few weeks. Treadmill is another great device which helps you in getting into shape easily. It also gives added strength to muscles and bones in the long run.


Simple Treadmill Exercises

Simple Walk and Jog: – Initially you could start with walking on the treadmill without making any variations to the settings. start walking for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning. You could slowly start increasing your pace to brisk walk and and then jogging. Keep practicing this routine for about 2 to three weeks until your body gets conditioned to working on the device.

Speed Interval Training: -varying the settings of the treadmill can give you extra resistance. You need to know how to adjust the tension of the walking  belt.  Try and lift the belt with your hand at the center of treadmill. you should be able to lift it to a height of around 3″ only. This is said to be the most optimum level of tension. You could adjust the level of inclination from 1 to 7. Split your exercising time within the 20 minutes interval. Start at a speed  of 3 miles per hour and go up to 4.5 miles per hour. make sure that your running at maximum inclination doesn’t go above 30 seconds.

Tougher Treadmill Workout: –  For this you need to set the inclination to 8%.At this inclination you need to run with maximum possible speed for about 30 seconds. Then lower the inclination to 6% and run for another 30 seconds. Then decrease the inclination to 4% and walk for the next 9 seconds. repeat this routine for about 10 to 15 minutes. This exercise could be tough and it may take time to get conditioned to it. But once you are through with the initial training period your body will start responding positively to the exercises.

progressive Workout:- You need to gradually increase the time you spend on the treadmill in weeks. Fitness experts recommend talking a break on any of the weekdays from the treadmill as your body needs sufficient resting period. It is during this period that the real effects of the exercises start shaping your  body

Diet Plan :- Avoid exercising with stomach. Eat your breakfast one hour before workout. Whole grain bread with fruit juice should be able to support  your body well while exercising. Two hours after the workout you need a meal. Add plenty of veggies and fruits with salmon or tuna. Your supper can consist of fat free turkey  or chicken. Eating red meat twice a week helps in strengthening your leg and calf muscles. Drink plenty of water and electrolyte based re hydration  fluids. They help in keeping your veins and blood vessels free from toxic elements. Digestive power also gets enhanced.

Complete Food Plan for Wholesome Health

Your body needs a complete food plan to attain and sustain wholesome  health. It is the diet which provides strength and stamina while exercising. If you wish to get optimum results from your fitness program it is recommended that you fine tune your diet according to a schedule.


Carbohydrates for Energy

Whole grains, citrus fruits, berries, watermelon, apple, potatoes cereals and legumes contain plenty of healthy carbohydrates as ingredients. Oats and rye are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Start your day with whole grain bread and a glass of pomegranate juice. They give you right volume of energy which takes you through your early morning exercising routines. Schedule your workout in such a manner that you get at least 2 hours time gap for your lunch. make it a point to eat your lunch before 13:00.

If you feel like eating anything between meals it is better to opt for dry fruits, banana or light crackers. Avoid junk food during daytime (at least) so that your body is able to conserve the energy from the foods.

Carbohydrates to Avoid

Sugary cereals, preserved foods and bakery products need to be avoided. Sweets made of granulated sugar can be tempting but they can make you put on unhealthy weight.

Healthy  Minerals

If you are serious about developing and athletic physique, you simply can’t ignore calcium,  magnesium and potassium in your meal. Healthy minerals are available in the macro and micro form. Sodium, calcium, chloride magnesium and potassium are considered to be macro minerals. Iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, iodine and selenium are said to be micro minerals the quantity you consume is relatively smaller compared to macro.

  • Minerals help in proper synthesis of proteins and vitamins for converting them into useful energy. The strength of epithelial cells is kept at optimum levels due to regular consumption of minerals.
  • Your bones need to be strengthened regularly. Calcium and potassium can make strong and flexible bones. Synthesis of cartilage is another benefit of minerals.
  • manganese helps in increasing the immunity of your body to infections and diseases. Consumption of manganese during pregnancy helps in proper child growth (Consult your doctor for the right proportion).
  • Oxygenated blood is a critical element which helps in improving your health and fitness levels. iron is one mineral which makes it happen.

Vitamins for Vitality

Vitamin B-2 is highly essential for regular production of healthy tissues and cells. It also helps in converting  the stored energy from foods into active form. Vitamin B-5 is useful for enhancing the metabolic process efficiency. If you wish to keep a healthy skin niacin is the key ingredient you need in your food.

Vitamin C is the most important ingredient for antioxidant properties to be incorporated to your bones and muscles. Moreover it increases the natural production of collagen which enhances the tightening of skin layers. Hence it is considered to be highly anti aging in nature.

Vitamin D helps in converting calcium into useful energy within your body cells and tissues. It is considered healthy for teeth, bone and muscles also.

Healthy Skin and Beauty Care Methods

Your skin is the protective shield that spans to 2 square meters and covers your entire body. It makes you look beautiful and gives you an attractive personality. It also gives your face a unique identity among the crowd. So it is essential that you take care of your skin’s health in possible ways.

Skin Cleanliness

The level of your skin cleanliness  determines the hygiene and health of your body and its internal organs. Sweat, dirt and dust can cause your skin to lose its charm and vitality fast. That is the reason for your bating twice a day.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic toiletries and cosmetics on your skin. You could choose natural herbal ingredients instead. if you can find 15 minutes every morning you will be able to prepare your own homemade skin care products.
  • Honey, cucumber, Aloe Vera, lemon, castor oi, coconut oil, Neem extract, basil and gooseberry are highly effective ingredients. By combining two teaspoons of honey. with equal volume of coconut oil and Aloe Vera liquid you can prepare a lively shampoo for keeping your scalp and hair in good condition. Add a few drops of turmeric oil for making your hair shine.
  • Eucalyptus oil is highly antiseptic in nature. It helps you in avoiding many types of infections and diseases. But the odor of the oil could be too strong and irritating. you need to dilute it with the help of some aromatic essential oil which will also lower the pungent odor to considerable level.


Diet for Healthy Skin

  • Pomegranate juice is an antioxidant which can clean the internal layers of your skin and keep the pores free from blocks.
  • Kiwi fruit is useful for enhancing the brightness of your skin. Dead skin cells get replaced with the help of vitamin E ingredient present in the fruit. Sebum production is brought to optimum levels when you consume Kiwi fruit regularly, reducing the chances of acne.
  • Eating tomatoes gives your skin better protection from UV radiations of sun. Lycopene is an ingredient of tomatoes which forms a natural sunscreen at the top layer of your skin.
  • oatmeal is highly useful in strengthening the layers of your skin. It makes the connective tissues also stronger. Most of the skin health essentials which get generated from the bone marrow are vitalized with the help of oatmeal.

Diet for Skin Beauty

  • Water is the most essential hydrating agent for your skin. Drinking plenty of water can also clean your internal organs like liver, intestine and bowels which have direct link to your skin.
  • Soy and Oysters contain highly essential minerals for enhancing the beauty of your skin from core.
  • Anti aging properties are rich in eggs. Most of the wrinkles which appear during mid ages could be reduced considerably when you consumed eggs.
  • Skin cells growth happen due to Vitamin A which is rich in pumpkin.  Growth of healthy skin layers is made possible with the ingredients. It also helps in softening of your skin layers over longer period of time.